About me

The internet is the greatest invention of all time. It even taught me to build websites as a kid. I wasn't really drawn to the technical specifics, but I loved how it allowed me to create something out of thin air. How cool is that? When I finished up high school I realized that being able to both understand technology and business would be an instrumental skill in the years to come.

After interning at a software consultancy firm I realized I did not want to be another cog in the machine, but a short period as a freelancer made me see that you do need a team to deliver great work. At this time an opportunity came up at Pixelpillow to build out an engineering team. A task which still keeps me busy today.

At the heart I'm an engineer with an interest for business and product development. My holistic approach helps me deliver a great product to the end-user, while making sure that business objectives are met. I still love building stuff, but I over the past years I found that helping others build stuff is even more rewarding.

You can find me on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn. If you enjoy listening to podcasts, you can subscribe to Pillowtalk (in Dutch) to hear my thoughts on everthing related to the web.